Free and bargain books November 18, 2019

It’s unbelievable. November is more than half-way gone already. It makes me want to yell slow down. Too bad that wouldn’t work. It’s probably partly my own fault anyway, the way time seems to fly past so quickly. Having my nose in a book for extended periods of time, completely unaware of the world around me, means the hours have flown by since the last time I looked at a clock. It’s an illusion. Although, some do say that time is moving faster than it did a century ago. Oh well, I’m sad but that’s not stopping me from reading. It’s too much fun.

So… this mornings BookBub suggestion sent me down another rabbit hole. The Deborah Raney rabbit hole this time. She has appeared on my radar many times through the years and it’s always been good from my perspective. Today there is one FREE full length novel and four BARGAIN books in her collection of published works on Amazon.

Almost Forever is book 1 in the Hanover Falls Series. I’ve not read this  Romantic/Suspense yet but plan on it. They’ve lost their firefighter spouses in the same tragic fire. They are drawn to each other but there are secrets that could drive them apart.

Almost Forever

A January Bride is book 2 in A Year of Weddings novella collection with various authors. This is a bargain at $0.99. The other books in this collection are $0.99 too, at least the ones I noticed. The full boxed collection is available but it is $19.99. It looks like it could be better to purchase them individually.

A January Bride

The next three novellas are unrelated and are all $1.25CD, (they may be lessor amounts in USD.)

Finally Home, Special Delivery, and Circle of Blessings.

Finally Home

Special Delivery

Circle of Blessings

All of these look interesting but my book budget for November is nearly blown (more quickly than usual, I might add) so it’s too early yet to use it all up. It’s very tempting though.

No one else has come through with suggestions for today but tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities. In the meantime…

Happy Reading, all.


Free books November 17, 2019

Author Jennifer Youngblood has a FREE book today The Hot Headed Patriot. I’ve read this one as well as some of her other books and while her style of writing is not my favorite it is still a reasonable read. It all boils down to personal preference, I think. I prefer fewer romantic moments and more story substance, personally.

Hot Headed Patriot

I stumbled across several other FREE books as I was checking out Jennifer Youngblood’s book. Two popped up,  A Path Less Travelled and Always and Forever

A Path Less Travelled

A Path Less Travelled has been mentioned before, it is book one I in A Miller Creek series. I can definitely recommend this series.

Always and Forever

I’ve not read this book, Always and Forever but have read this author before. It’s been awhile though (2012) and I don’t remember too much.

Happy Reading

Free and bargain books Nov 16, 2019

A FREE book from author Chautona Havig … Christmas Stalkings. This offer will be good until the 19th. Chautona is prolific and her stories are always fun. It looks like animals are part of the tale this time.

Christmas Stalkings

Chautona also has a new book coming out soon (Nov 29th) and the pre-order price is a bargain ($0.99 USD) Christmas on Breakers Point. This is a prequel to the new Independence Islands Series.

Christmas on Breakers Point

This morning there is an interesting email from BookBub with a bargain book ($0.99)  Deadly Legacy. This is book 7 in Margaret Daley’s Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations series. I’ve read most of the earlier books and I’m looking forward to this one too.

Deadly Legacy

Looking around a little while I’m there, it appears Deadly Hunt, book 1 in Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations, is also $0.99. The stories are all stand-alone so they can be read in any order, which is nice.

Deadly Hunt

BookRunes has an interesting FREE book this morning – Oh, Come On, Be Faithful. I haven’t read this author before although I see one of her books (one that isn’t free anymore) was downloaded last month. I’ve moved the first one to the top of the TBR list to fix that little detail. Maybe I’ll get them both read at once this time. The one not yet read is called The Protective Warrior and they are both billed as Romantic Suspense.

Oh, Come On, be Faithful

Happy Reading on a little bit warmer sunny day.

It’s above freezing today and the inch or two of snow hanging around is melting quickly in the sun.



Free books for November 15, 2019

No interesting suggestions from the usual sources this morning but a search of Amazon  FREE books did present a couple of interesting choices.

The first two FREE books are from authors I’ve not read but the books looked interesting so I went for it. Cabin By The Lake and Works of Darkness look like they will be romantic/thrillers. At least the first one seems to fit the romantic genre, I’m not so sure about the second one yet.

Cabin by The Lake

Works of Darkness

The third FREE book is a light change of pace. It’s a book from my  2013 past and I remember liking it. I think you will find it a fun read too. Gentleman of Her Dreams

Gentleman of Her Dreams

Happy Friday Reading

Books Read and Enjoyed November 14 2019

There are a lot of books on my have-read list. I’m not sure how I managed to get so far behind in adding them to my read list on here. Spending too much time reading and not enough blogging will do it.

There is quite a variety and it was fun reading them. Historical, Romance, Mystery, Thriller. Lighter, deeper, and everything in between.

Laying them out like this was amazing. There are some great covers here, and it was  nice to be reminded of the stories. Time goes by and it’s so easy to forget the experience.

Catch of a LifetimeUncommon Ground

come to me alivemiranda warning

Christmas RosesMelody's Christmas

The Chain You ForgeGone The Next


Heaven's PreyAt Legend's End

A Musket in my HandsKindled Love

Deadly AlliancesAll of You

Home for ChristmasBaggage Claim

Sunset in the MistsA Doctor's Promise

Texas RoadsAn Unexpected Family

The nephew's wifeCallie

An Awakened HeartA Search for Refuge

Toward the SunriseSummer of Dreams

A Rose Blooms TwiceThe Envelope

All is Bright Collection

Happy Reading!






Free and Bargain books November 14, 2019

It’s amazing how that happens. Follow a link to a free book on Amazon and suddenly one has turned into five. Books are like candy, irresistible, what can I say. I’m smiling big at the thought of this mornings treasures.

It started out with a FREE BookBub suggestion this morning. A light romance (I think) in a historical war time setting. Canteen Dreams

Canteen Dreams

This lead to a couple of bargain ($0.99) Christmas stories. Christmas by the Sea and Christmas Love and Joy a three book collection.

Christmas by the Sea

Christmas Love and Joy

Last came two FREE books. Amongst the Flames I’ve previously read and enjoyed. Brian’s Choice is new to me.

Amongst the Flames

Brian's Choice

I’ve enjoyed all of these authors and expect these new books will deliver nicely for us.

I hope you are smiling this morning too.

Happy Reading!

Free and Bargain books for November 13, 2019

An awesome bargain book ($0.99) suggested by BookBub this morning. The Edge of Recall

I have been reading Kristen Heitzmann since pre-Kindle days, back when my weekly haul of books came from the local public library. There is always lots to sink your teeth into with this author and the synopsis promises to deliver once again.

The Edge of Recall


BookRunes has suggested a FREE book this morning. Love is Enough. I’m not sure if I’ve read Emma Easter before but the first page looks interesting so I’m going to give this one a try.

Love is Enough

It looks like it could be another good day for books.

Happy Reading

Free Books for November 12, 2019

Exciting news! After a slow period for FREE books, LPC Books (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) is offering eight free books. They will only be this price for several days so hurry to not miss out. Their email says the books are available in many areas so they should be free most anywhere Amazon covers.

If you have been following me for a time you may recognize some of these as having been offered a few months ago. It’s nice to see them being offered again.

The Zenia Wood  This one appears to be YA Fantasy. They are hiding out in Zenia Wood, struggling to escape their parents’ killer.

Winter's Fury A Jeremy Winter Thriller book 3, we’ve seen and enjoyed Tom Threadgill’s books before.

the bridge beween This one for sure I’ve mentioned before. One of my favorites. Romance category.

The Cowboys This is also a repeat. A western Romance collection with various authors.

Fashioning the Future One of my favorite authors. Well worth the read.

I'll Watch the Moon This is a new one by an author I enjoy. Looking forward to it.

Still Life in Shadows This one I did read years ago but can’t remember if I liked it.

Summers' Love This one is billed as a cute Cinderella story. I didn’t  love it when it came out a few months back but maybe that’s just me. I’ll include it this time so you have a chance to decide for yourself.

I think there are three I’ve not read before so I’m excited about that. Hopefully you find  something here to be excited about as well.

Happy Reading

Remembrance Day November 11, 2019

poppies unsplash

Photo courtesy Unsplash

It’s Remembrance Day in Canada, Veterans Day in the USA, and Armistice Day in other Commonwealth countries. The first World War ended with the signing of an Armistice agreement on November 11, 1918. November 11, 1919 was the first observation of a day of remembrance.

It is set aside to remember not only WWI and WWII but the sacrifice of all of the soldiers who have served to protect us through many decades.

In these major wars our soldiers fought for the protection of other countries as well as our own. The war-on-the-ground countries  lived through desperate times and with full hearts they remember the arrival of their heroes. We appreciate their expressions of love and gratefulness through the years. The actions of our soldiers meant so much to those living in the midst of war.

Risking and giving your life for another is no small sacrifice.

My heart is filled with gratitude, as are many other hearts in our country of Canada,  when I think of our guys over there, willing and able to do whatever it took to help save lives in terrible times.

I cannot begin to imagine the sacrifices made and the way life is forever changed by the things our soldiers endure, both physically and emotionally, in times of combat and on peace keeping missions. I pray we will become increasingly aware of their experiences and remember to be supportive and grateful, always.

We need to be forever mindful of our Allies. Collectively, our soldiers sacrificed much in the World Wars. Each country had an important and necessary role to play and it took all of us to overcome.

We are better together.

Let us pray there will never be a third.

We celebrate Remembrance Day Lest We Forget

poppy unsplash

Photo courtesy Unsplash

One Free book November 10, 2019

Just one FREE today. Courtesy BookRunes daily suggestions.

Both the author and the book are new to me

Never Been Born


It’s Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the USA, tomorrow, November 11th. A day to remember all of the soldiers who served to protect us through the decades. Our soldiers fought to protect other countries as well as our own in time of war. Most of those countries lived through desperate times and with full hearts they remember with us. We appreciate the expressions of love through the years for what our soldiers protection has meant in these far away places, especially during WWII.  My heart is filled with gratitude when I think of our guys over there, willing and able to help save lives in terrible times.

I cannot begin to imagine the sacrifices made and the way life is forever changed by the things our soldiers endure, both physically and emotionally, in times of combat. I pray we will remember to be grateful, always.

We celebrate Remembrance Day Lest We Forget