Remembrance Day November 11, 2019

poppies unsplash

Photo courtesy Unsplash

It’s Remembrance Day in Canada, Veterans Day in the USA, and Armistice Day in other Commonwealth countries. The first World War ended with the signing of an Armistice agreement on November 11, 1918. November 11, 1919 was the first observation of a day of remembrance.

It is set aside to remember not only WWI and WWII but the sacrifice of all of the soldiers who have served to protect us through many decades.

In these major wars our soldiers fought for the protection of other countries as well as our own. The war-on-the-ground countries  lived through desperate times and with full hearts they remember the arrival of their heroes. We appreciate their expressions of love and gratefulness through the years. The actions of our soldiers meant so much to those living in the midst of war.

Risking and giving your life for another is no small sacrifice.

My heart is filled with gratitude, as are many other hearts in our country of Canada,  when I think of our guys over there, willing and able to do whatever it took to help save lives in terrible times.

I cannot begin to imagine the sacrifices made and the way life is forever changed by the things our soldiers endure, both physically and emotionally, in times of combat and on peace keeping missions. I pray we will become increasingly aware of their experiences and remember to be supportive and grateful, always.

We need to be forever mindful of our Allies. Collectively, our soldiers sacrificed much in the World Wars. Each country had an important and necessary role to play and it took all of us to overcome.

We are better together.

Let us pray there will never be a third.

We celebrate Remembrance Day Lest We Forget

poppy unsplash

Photo courtesy Unsplash

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