An exciting new Mystery blog

Kent Holloway Online is the exciting new blog on WordPress. Kent is an established author of thrillers and is thinking about writing mystery. Thus the blog.

You all know, if you have followed me for very long, that I get excited when I read a really good book. I love good writing and good story telling. And I love telling the whole world about it when I find it. I have to tell you about this.

I liked this blog because it challenged me to think about some things, it told me some things I didn’t know before, and it captured my interest with his engaging style.

Have you ever given much consideration to the differences between mystery, cozy mystery, whodunit, procedural, and more? Or how sometimes books are written with mixed genres? Doesn’t this make you think of the dreaded mixed metaphor? I have noticed it is sometimes hard to nail down the genre but can’t say that I’ve ever given it much thought beyond that. After reading this thought provoking post …. well, now I will. I’d be curious to see if someone else can answer the questions better than I could.

In the latest post Kent introduces us to the real Richard Castle ….. author Tom Straw. In a fascinating interview with Tom, we get to hear the back story and see some of the spin offs of this TV show, and if you are a fan of Castle, like I amyou will enjoy this behind-the-scenes look. Even if you have never seen the show you will enjoy the interview, it gives great encouragement to aspiring writers I think.

Check out his blog at

I predict that once his blog catches on it will explode with followers. He has something to say, and he says it well.


At my place – there is a new list of books in the works, stay tuned. I just had to get this blog post off my chest first so I could settle down to work. I do hope you will check it out, I think you will love it too.





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