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travelling, computer, books.

Computers are so much fun! (Not!) I am currently travelling but need to work too, so I packed up my desktop computer to bring along, since my laptop doesn’t have the necessary network connections – yet (long story). Everything is set up and I’m ready to work but…. it just dawned on me, the latest computer they gave me does not have wireless capability, which didn’t matter at home but does here. I will have to run out to pick up some network cable.

Winter is not the best time of year to be travelling in my part of the country but the roads have been bare and dry for the most part, just a little snow here and there. An awesome trip so far. Long but awesome.

I’ve noticed there are quite a number of books about the Second World War popping up these days. I’ve read quite a few of them and there is one of them on the list this time. I like historical novels because they give me a sense of what life was back then, they also give me an appreciation for the blessings of our life now. I know we still have the capability to treat each other badly and inflict atrocities on one another, but overall we have blessings and freedoms our ancestors could only dream about. I am grateful everyday for this imperfect life we live.

More books for you

a matter of trust A Mia Quinn Mystery – A Matter of Trust book 1 – Lis Wiehl ….. Mia and her friend are chatting, while searching their respective basements for garage sale items, when she hears a pop and her friend drops the phone. Her friend has been murdered and Mia’s boss, the Crown Prosecutor, wants her to team up with a homicide detective to figure out who did this. Mia and the detective have history, they worked a case that did not go well because of his blunder, he is the last person she wants to work with. There is already enough pressure in her life, with her husband’s recent fatal accident, and a teenage son struggling to adjust to their new reality. The trouble is, she can’t walk away from the search for her best friends murderer.

A Deadly Business  A Mia Quinn Mystery – A Deadly Business book 2 – Lis Wiehl ….. A potentially deadly attack in the court room, when the 22 year old defendant lunged at her with a razor blade, emphasises the inherent danger in her occupation, and Mia worries about her kids. The last thing she wants is to bring danger home with her. It may already be to late to stop it. As more secrets about his life come to light, her husband’s accident may not have been an accident. Charlie, the homicide detective Mia works  with, has had suspicions, and there is evidence to back them up. The thing is, no one is interested in reopening the case. They are on their own.  And their efforts have been noticed, and the noticers are not happy.

Lethal Beauty   A Mia Quinn Mystery – Lethal Beauty book 3 – Lis Wiehl ….. It should have been an open and shut murder case but nothing went as it should have. A young Chinese prostitute is stabbed to death by her rich American client and his high powered lawyer gets him off.  There seems to be double standards and prejudice working against justice being done. Missing witnesses, more killings, and attacks on her family point to a criminal involvement on a deep level.

Miracle at the Higher Grounds   Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café – Max Lucado …. Chelsea has the responsibility of a café inherited unexpectedly from her mother. It seemed like this would be a blessing,  a good way to start life on her own after a separation from a cheating husband. Things are often not what we expect though. It’s a good thing she has help in ways she couldn’t predict, she will need it.

Friends and Enemies  Promise for Tomorrow Series – Friends & Enemies book 1 – Terri Wangard …. Paul has always dreamed of flying, joining the Air Force seemed like a good way to achieve it. Rachael, his wife and childhood sweetheart, is not happy to see him heading off to war, a war they both have mixed emotions about because of Rachael’s best friend Heidi.  In America for high school and now back in her German homeland, it has been a number of years since they’ve seen each other but they haven’t forgotten. With every mission, Paul thinks of Rachael’s friend and her family, and prays their bombs will miss them.


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