Read and enjoyed series March 30, 2023

The trouble with speed reading and then allowing books to accumulate before talking about them? I’ve lost track of my thoughts and the reasons for the ratings I’ve given them. I think I enjoyed these two books from this series but I decided on four stars, not sure why.

I do remember they were worth the read anyway, especially the second one.

The Shepherd’s Voice: A Novel (Beneath Sweet Western Skies)

Gabe Talmadge languished in prison for ten years, convicted of a horrible crime. Now free, he’s unable to find work in the midst of the Great Depression. In desperation, he returns home to Ransom, Idaho, hoping his uncaring father will give him food and shelter, if not love. But the prodigal isn’t welcomed home. Hudson Talmadge, who virtually owns the town, despises his son as much as ever, and Gabe is as powerless as an adult as he was as a child to win his father’s approval.

Hungry and hopeless, Gabe is rescued by the owner of a sheep ranch south of Ransom. Incredibly, Akira Macauley gives him a place to live and work to do. More than that, she gives him hope that he can receive forgiveness of his past – and perhaps even love. But when tragedy strikes Ransom once again and Gabe’s life begins to unravel, he must either sink into an abyss of hopelessness or cling to a faith, hope, and love stronger than any he has ever known.

A Vote of Confidence: Historical Romantic Fiction (Beneath Sweet Western Skies)

Put up or shut up! Complaining about Bethlehem Springs’ dissolute mayoral candidate, Gwen Arlington is challenged to take on the role herself. For seven years, she’s carved out an independent life in the bustling mountain town of Bethlehem Springs, Idaho, teaching piano and writing for the local newspaper. But now she’s a single woman running for mayor — and in 1915 this decision is bound to stir up trouble.

Morgan McKinley is fed up with the delays that hinder the construction of New Hope Health Spa, a place where both rich and poor can come for rest and healing. New to the area, he’s determined that serving as mayor would help him push through his agenda for progress.

Gwen and Morgan each want to prove they are the most qualified candidate, not only to voters but to each other, and so sparks fly as the two campaign. Although Morgan has learned to guard his heart as fiercely as Gwen guards her independence, could they learn to be allies instead of adversaries?


I enjoyed the next two Christmas collections although the first collection was my favorite.

Keeping Christmas: Volume One

The Lights of Castlebourne (by Cathe Swanson and Chautona Havig):

The Girl From Dalarna (by Olivia Talbott): 

The Cross at Morioka Castle (by Kathleen J. Robison)

The Ghost of Christmas… (by Denise L. Barela):

Crystal Clear (by Marguerite Martin Gray): 

The Weary World Rejoices (by Naomi Craig):


Keeping Christmas: Volume Two

Escape to Greenaway (by Chautona Havig)

The King’s Promise (by Tabitha Bouldin):

A Castle for Christmas (by Susan K. Beatty):

An Irish Christmas Heart (by Jennifer Sienes):

Christmas at Curwood’s Castle (by Melissa Wardwell): 

Christmas in the Cotswolds (by Stacy T. Simmons):


I still have seven more books to mention and clear out of my device, so more tomorrow.

Now that I’m done for the moment, I’m going back to check out several bargains that looked like they could be interesting. If they are I’ll probably publish that post ahead of this one to make sure they don’t expire before we are ready. Fingers crossed. I’d like to see something fresh. Most of the choices right now have been around for a while and passed over in favor of more enticing opportunities.

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