Read and enjoyed, bargains November 27, 2022

Truly unique. What a treat,

Involved in a gang but living on the right side of the law? This combination makes for a story like I’ve never read before. It was definitely interesting. I’m even going to buy the next two books in the series, it was that good. Besides, I need to know who the rat is and what comes next. This was a good introduction to an author we are seeing for the first time.

The Woof Pack

It’s just a regular evening when Iyana’s neighbors ask her to babysit their dog. Everything seems fine until two masked men enter the apartment without an invitation.
At first, Iyana thinks they’ve come to steal the dog—she’d heard of a string of break-ins in the community by a group called The Woof Pack. But when these thugs overpower her and drag her away, she realizes they’re not pup-loving enthusiasts at all.

A case of mistaken identity gets Iyana taken in by one of the deadliest gangs in New York. Now, she has seen their faces and has learned their names; even though they know they’ve got the wrong girl, they aren’t going to let her go.
Fortunately, Iyana is a smart woman. She strikes a deal with the leader of the gang … they’ll let her live as long as she makes herself useful. But Iyana is just a naive Christian girl babysitting an innocent pup. What can she offer the most dangerous man in the city?

She knows exactly what he wants. She can tell from the way he looks at her, the way his eyes linger when she catches him staring. But she’s not willing to give him that. Anything but that.
The Woof Pack have taken her hostage; they’ve taken her mind, body, and her will. But she won’t let them have her heart.

If only Vito Gerardo were that easy to resist.


The Beta Rises (The Woof Pack Book 2)

Iyana found a way to survive in the ruthless NYC gang, the Woof Pack. She set aside her grief, her pain, and her fears—but she didn’t realize she’d traded her heart for all this. Vito Gerardo may not be the cruel man she thought he was at first, but she certainly didn’t think he was husband material. So when he drops to one knee, Iyana’s jaw drops with him.
Even though Vito’s changed, he’s still the King of BT. That means marrying him would make Iyana the Queen… While that might be a dream come true for some women, to Iyana, it seems like an unbearable burden.

Does she have what it takes to stand side by side with the Alpha? What will she have to sacrifice to call herself the Beta?
Living with mobsters, fighting a gang war, and desperately resisting the charm of a mafia boss—Iyana finds a way to keep her wits by drawing closer to God. He is her only hope in this dark and twisted world. She misses the days when things were simple; when her only prayer was a chance to escape. Now, there’s a storm swirling around her and if she isn’t careful, she won’t have to pray for an escape. She’ll be praying to survive the night.


The Bite of the Alpha (The Woof Pack Book 3)

After suffering the betrayal of a loyal friend, Iyana must gather her strength and face the gang war head-on … And she must do it alone.
Vito isn’t ready for the war. The wounds in his heart run deep, leaving him drowning in a pool of grief. This is no longer a matter of winning or losing—or even living or dying. If Iyana doesn’t take a stand, she could lose her husband’s eternal salvation. She’s already sacrificed enough. Her life, her hopes, her dreams. Vito can’t take much more pain—The Woof Pack isn’t worth it. New York City isn’t worth it.
What is it to gain the world but to lose your own soul?
Iyana must face this question and decide what to do. She could let BT fall into chaos, losing everything but her very soul. Or she could fight for the organization Vito swore to protect and lose everything she holds dear.
Iyana is the Alpha now. It’s her turn to rule


Book one ended with a cliffhanger, of course I had to have the rest of the series. Good times.

Happy Reading y’all

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