This and that October 07, 2022

Not much going on today with books. I’ve been trying to get some reading in but keep getting side tracked. It’s a collection and some of the stories are more interesting than others but none are gripping me enough to keep me focused on them. I’m trying to get through it though so I can move on. Soon.

The last few days have been sunny but they are quickly becoming shorter and colder. There have been heavy frosts the last few day and the trees have turned color in a hurry and are losing their leaves at warp sped too. The seasons don’t last long here. Well, at least three of them don’t. They would last longer if winter didn’t hog half the year for itself.

Some of my kids are visiting Bali and judging by their pictures they aren’t freezing right now. I haven’t decided whether or not to be envious. For sure, the warmth would be nice.

This is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and we are getting ready for the traditional turkey dinner. I’ve been tasked with bringing Dill pickles, black olives, and cranberry sauce, What is a turkey dinner without them!

I was hoping to have fresh cranberries to cook up until the berries pop and then when they cool the juice thickens and makes a sauce. So good. There weren’t any that I could see and so I was looking for the canned version. The store is very big and they keep moving things around, very confusing. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m short and the shelves aren’t.

…to be continued. It turned midnight and when I wasn’t paying attention

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