This and that July 27, 2021

Why bother. I’m the biggest basket case ever.

It’s been an interesting morning.

So, I woke up the first time convinced that I might as well quit writing this blog. I have to work at having things to say and, really, what do I have to say that anyone wants to hear anyway. Or, maybe, instead of trying to make sure I post everyday, maybe I should go back to skipping a few times a week.

I fell back to sleep thinking hard about that whole idea and more. I must have only been dreaming I was thinking because when I looked at the clock the next time it was two and a half hours later. This time I was convinced I was the biggest basket case ever. It didn’t take long to be slammed with the wake up question. What makes you think you’re so special that you are the biggest basket case ever? (this is not the first time I’ve heard this question, by the way) You are just dealing with all the same kinds of things other people face through the course of life. Get over yourself.

Alrighty then!

So, back to the original question of write or not to write?

I’ve been reading a book called The Power of Writing it Down by Allison Fallon. One of the points she makes centers around research showing positive side effects. Writing daily for 20 minutes or more has positive results both physical and emotional. It has also been shown that the changes are long lasting. Writing for two weeks in a row, say, would have a difference lasting months.

I haven’t been writing because of what I’ve read in this book, I’ve just been rising to the challenge of unbroken posting days. Today will make 45 in a row, with this post.

I’ve noticed my outlook on life has been more positive lately and I’ve wondered why. Maybe writing everyday has been responsible. If that’s the case I’d better not quit posting. I need all the emotional help I can get.

Honestly, I can see that the lack of inspiration I’m feeling these days is pretty much what every other writer out there faces at one time or another. I’m not all that special that I am the only one.

The basket case question, however, could go either way. It’s all a matter of opinion. The jury is still out on that.


I see there are four emails from the usual suggestion sources. I’ll take a look and if there is anything good, I’ll get back to you.

Here is the book mentioned above. It is well worth the read. Personally, I’ve found writing, even before I found this book, has helped me figure things out in a way nothing else has. It seems to be a bit like organizing a drawer, suddenly things make sense.

Discover the power of (finally) getting unstuck, claiming your clarity, and becoming the person whose life you want to live–all through a simple self-care practice you can build into your daily routine. 

For anyone who’s trying to make sense of their life, who wants to get unstuck from the patterns that hold them back, hear this incredible news: everything you need for the freedom you want is entirely within reach. This practice and pathway is free, it’s readily available every day of your life, it takes just minutes of your time, and anyone can do it. 

Author, writing coach, and speaker Allison Fallon’s life transformed when she discovered the power of a daily writing practice. As it turns out, using your words is one of the most powerful means you have for unlocking your life. The Power of Writing It Down is your guide to this transformative tool available to us all. In as little as five to twenty minutes a day, scientific research shows this daily practice can help you: 

  • Identify your ruts and create new neurological grooves toward better habits
  • Find fresh motivation and take ownership of your life
  • Heal from past pain and trauma
  • Relieve anxiety and depression
  • Contextualize life’s setbacks and minor frustrations
  • Live a more confident, balanced, and healthy life
  • …and so much more 

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