No new but a few old bargains today

Sadly, no free or bargain suggestions to be had today. A brief browse produced nothing. I did finish an interesting book, though, and it is still a bargain. It’s well written and worth the read.

Not Until Now: A Christian Romance (Hope Springs Book 8)

Amazon quote:

They both know what they want. And it’s not each other . . .

Kayla has worked hard to regain her independence after her spinal cord injury, and she isn’t willing to give up that independence for anyone. Which is why she is willfully single, with no intention of dating, marrying, or starting a family—ever. But when she witnesses an accident in Hope Springs, she finds herself drawn inextricably into the life of the young girl whose mother is now in a coma—and the uncle she has to convince to take care of the girl.

On the verge of the perfect life, Cam doesn’t owe his estranged sister anything. So he doesn’t appreciate the call informing him that he needs to care for the niece he didn’t even know he had. And yet, somehow he can’t say no to the woman on the other end of the phone. He soon finds himself on a plane for Hope Springs. He’ll go there, make alternate arrangements for the girl, and get back to his real, nearly perfect life.

But as Cam gets to know his niece—and Kayla—he starts to question what the perfect life really means. And as Kayla experiences the pull of family, she wonders whether being independent really means closing yourself off to others. Can they both let go of what they thought they wanted and let God give them the love they truly need?


No matter if I have time or not, I must always have a book in progress. There might be a minute somewhere and it would tragic to have nothing started and ready to go. Currently, I’m reading a collection spanning a number of decades. I’ve only just started so can’t pass judgment yet but It is still a bargain and definitely worth a try.

The Second Chance Brides Collection: Nine Historical Romances Offer New Hope for Love 

Hope for Happy Endings Is Renewed in Nine Historical Romances

Meet nine women from history spanning from 1776 to 1944 feel the sting of having lost out on love. Can their hope for experiencing romance again be renewed?

Love in the Crossfire by Lauralee Bliss – Trenton, New Jersey, 1776 (book 1)
Gretchen Hanson watched her beau go off to war and never return. She soon falls for an enemy scout who stumbles upon her farm.

If Jake is discovered, it could mean death for them all. Will Gretchen let go of love or stand strong?


Truth be told, I have another book on the go as well.

This one takes meditation and time to digest. No stolen minutes here or there. The original book was published twenty five years ago and I read it in the last decade or so. They recommend we read it again before reading the newer version. I’m thinking on doing that but in the meantime I’ve read the introduction and the first chapter or so. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what he has to say after all this time.

The author has many years experience as a professional, he’s interviewed many abuse survivors, over a long period of time. It was an attempt to understand the dynamics and effects of abuse and now he has a lot to offer us. To be honest, it will not be an easy read but it will be helpful. It will be well worth the tears and the memories.

Healing the Wounded Heart: The Heartache of Sexual Abuse and the Hope of Transformation 

First published in 1989, Dan Allender’s The Wounded Heart has helped hundreds of thousands of people come to terms with sexual abuse in their past. Now, more than twenty-five years later, Allender has written a brand-new book on the subject that takes into account recent discoveries about the lasting physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual ramifications of sexual abuse.

With great compassion Allender offers hope for victims of rape, date rape, incest, molestation, sexting, sexual bullying, unwanted advances, pornography, and more, exposing the raw wounds that are left behind and clearing the path toward wholeness and healing. Never minimizing victims’ pain or offering pat spiritual answers that don’t truly address the problem, he instead calls evil evil and lights the way to renewed joy.

Counselors, pastors, and friends of those who have suffered sexual harm will find in this book the deep spiritual guidance they need to effectively minister to the sexually broken around them. Victims themselves will find here a sympathetic friend to walk alongside them on the road to healing.


One thing we must always remember, we are not alone. The number of abuse victims is staggering. I’m surprised, but then I’m not, when I meet one more person with a painful story.

I have to say, all the reading I’ve done over the years has been worth it. It made a difference and there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Do like me, have two books on the go, one to be a lighter distraction.

Happy Reading and Growing

2 thoughts on “No new but a few old bargains today

  1. I enjoy reading fiction occasionally and agree it’s good to read more than one type of book at a time. I have plenty of fiction books already, both hard copy and ebooks, so I’m not shopping for more of those right now. I appreciate your review of Healing the Wounded Heart. It sounds like a good companion to these resources:

    “Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse” by Shannon Thomas
    “The Emotionally Destructive Marriage” by Leslie Vernick
    “When Loving Him is Hurting You: Hope and Help for Women Dealing with Narcissism and Emotional Abuse” by Dr. David Hawkins
    “Boundaries After a Pathological Relationship” by Adelyn Birch
    “Sexual Assault: Will I ever Feel OK Again?” by Kay Scott

    A friend whose judgment I respect recommended to me all the books except Scott’s; that is one I bought based on Jay Kesler’s endorsement.

    Painful realities are all around us, and often there is someone close to us who is suffering. I rarely pass up an opportunity to pick up a book that looks like a good resource. Whether I need it for myself or so I can better understand another person’s journey, it’s wonderful to have help available. Thanks for reminding me to read Hawkins,’ Thomas’ and Scott’s books!


    • Thanks for sharing with us, Pat. I will be watching for these books, they are all new to me and they sound good.
      I agree with you, it’s good to read this kind of material if only to understand and be there for friends and loved ones who have suffered.
      Thanks for the input.


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