Story prompt – Pie

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Stanley was close to home and anxious to get there. For once he knew the answer. It was time for the daily Trivia contest on his favorite radio station. Finally, after so many weeks of trying he was the first caller through to know the answer. Yes!

Not only that, but the prize was a large two topping pizza from his favorite restaurant. He paid extra for an up-grade. He wanted this special pizza to include all of his favorite toppings.

It smelled so good. He was drooling and his stomach was already rumbling. He could hardly wait.

Somehow he had to sneak into the house without his little brothers noticing. It’s not often he ever wins anything and he wanted to savor the experience. If they catch even a glimpse there won’t be much left for him.

He was almost in the house when he heard squeals. PIZZA! He was pretty sure there were more than two sets of feet running toward him. Yup. He was surround by not two but four little boys jumping up and down with excited anticipation.

That right there was the whole trouble with winning.

The minute they notice, everyone within a three mile radius wants a piece of the pie.

4 thoughts on “Story prompt – Pie

  1. Ironically enough.. Supernatural is playing in the background and Dean yelled out “Don’t forget the pie” as I began to read this. Anyway! Wonderful writing!

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