Bargain book October 07, 2020

Went looking for some good bargains. Only found one that I wanted. That’s it.

One is still better than none.

That’s not to say there weren’t others. I didn’t see anything new I just had to have.


Recently, I read book one in this series. Don’t remember much about it but it sounds like it was fun.

Pulled over for speeding by a handsome cop seems to be showing up rather often lately. I guess it shouldn’t stop this from being a fun read though. I’m game to give it a try.

Sandover Beach Christmas (Sandover Island Sweet Romance Book 4)

Amazon quote:

A cranky cop who’s sworn off relationships, an event planner who invented a fake boyfriend, and the over-the-top family that thinks it’s love.

When Ripley fabricates a boyfriend to put off her family’s overzealous matchmaking efforts, she never thought it would go so far. But when she gets pulled over for speeding, the police officer gets caught up in her fake boyfriend scheme.

Cash has good reasons for swearing off the holidays and relationships. But his plans to spend Christmas alone are thwarted when he’s mistaken for an event planner he secretly admired from afar. The time spent with Ripley and her family starts to thaw his frozen heart.

Sticking a control freak with a total Scrooge should be a recipe for a Christmas disaster. But somehow, their warring personalities light up the right kind of sparks.

What will happen when Christmas ends, and it’s time to stop pretending?


One is still better than none and it’s been a few days since the last downloads so it’s definitely time.

Hopefully, better luck next time. Sort of like winning the lottery. Can’t win all the time but we can wish.

In the meantime…

Happy Reading

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