my feral friend

feral friend 2

my feral friend … on high alert

I enjoy his company even though he isn’t very affectionate, or much of a conversationalist. He seems to like me ok too since he shows up nearly every morning to lose himself in dreams on my deck. It’s hard to say how long he has been coming around (I don’t pay a lot of attention to what’s going on in my yard) but I did notice him sunning himself in my flowerbeds in summertime. I’m assuming it’s a he since there has been no evidence of any kittens following him around.

He didn’t show up for a couple of days and I was worried the eagles had swooped in and had him for supper. He’s back today, though, so all is well.

I’m also assuming he has a mother

mother and son

I’m assuming it’s his mother because it’s an older cat, and fathers don’t usually bother with their offspring. It’s cute to watch how territorial he is about this place. Obviously he feels like he was here first and it’s his. Usually he manages to keep her down on the lowest step, sometimes even growling and spitting to make it happen.

I had to be sneaky to get any pictures as it doesn’t take much to make them run. It’s getting better though. I can open the blinds now without him flinching and he will even sit still while I talk to him a little, through the glass, asking him how his day is going.

He reminds me of a cat I befriended a bunch of decades ago. I was just a young thing living in a basement suite when the lady in the house next door noticed a feral cat living in the bushes across the back lane and started feeding him. She figured he was someone’s pet and had been abused, leaving him terrified of people. All would have been well with this scenario but they decided to move, and she had a couple of big dogs making it impossible for the cat to move with them. My neighbor decided that I should overcome my reluctance and take on the feeding of this cat. I finally did and eventually we got on famously. He was comfortable enough to move inside and attempt to take over the house. I loved him but don’t see any house cats in my future this time. That’s ok, judging by the trails I see this one take across my yard, I don’t think I am the only woman in his life.

Books… I have been reading lots and will list them for you in the next post, I will start it in the next few minutes.


4 thoughts on “my feral friend

  1. Oh this is awesome. My parents still run a cat shelter in the house where I grew up. I didn’t really like cats until we started letting them in the house for winter nights, and then when it all evolved into a proper shelter/foster house for cats, you could say we found a common ground.
    Of course, it wasn’t enough for my parents, later we adopted a dog that I found abandoned in the woods, and now they adopted a sheep and a ram that were wandering in the same woods, also abandoned, but that’s actually a funny story. Anyway, taking photos of a cat is how it begins, soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by sheep and God knows what else, so if you’re not ready for that – be careful! 😀


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