My greatest nightmare

This morning, just before waking up time, I dreamt I was going to a fancy restaurant, and just as I was seated, realized….. I forgot to bring my Kindle!

This was truly a disasterPanic sets in. How can I enjoy a fancy meal without him?

I also thought this was pretty funny and I just had to share.

My Kindle is a great friend, one who sticks closer than a brother, to quote a well known verse. He goes with me everywhere. And we have made some great memories together.

He has given me the courage to go places more often than I would  have otherwise.

Occasionally, as I am seated in a restaurant, I think about how pathetic it looks that my only companion is a book, and then I look on the bright side. If a book gives me courage and incentive, then how can that be a bad thing.




7 thoughts on “My greatest nightmare

  1. I like this tender hearted post. I have a similar relationship with my laptop. We often go to a particular coffee shop together. We can sit there for hours working on a story or blog post or catching up with emails etc. Ah, the companionship that modern technology can bring. 🙂


  2. Pathetic? Are you kidding me?
    I love dining out alone with my smartphone or books. My understanding is, reading, for instance, news in the public like that makes a person look much more… “worldwide” than just knowing what’s going on. I wouldn’t find a better company. More than that, I can’t help but feel sorry for people who are forced to have conversations while eating. It’s a barbaric thing…


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