Free and Bargain books May 09, 2020

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us. I like offering opinions but can’t on this one as I’ve not seen it before.

Star Rising: A Coastal Hearts Novel ($0.99)

Star Rising

Amazon quote:

Star Youngblood has always been a fighter–a necessity after her mother married a monster of a man. Now, she’s finally on the path to the stable life she’s always wanted. Her employer, Priscilla Kelly, is a sweet woman ravaged by rheumatoid arthritis, and Star will do anything to help her. Even if that means going toe to toe with Mrs. Kelly’s neglectful son.

After being betrayed on the mission field and devastated by the tragic death of his father, Paul Kelly gave up on God. He lives life on his own terms, biding his time as a corporate pilot until he can save enough money to begin his own flight school closer to home. His mother is all he has left, and he wants to be near her. He just didn’t expect her health to decline so quickly. When he discovers his mother has taken in a stray—a woman he’s not at all sure can be trusted—his protective instincts kick into high gear. Paul’s handled a lot of turbulence, but he’s never gone up against a force like Star.


BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us. I can’t offer an opinion on this one either.

A Fine Mess: A Love Inspired Romance

A Fine Mess

Amazon quote:

She would sacrifice anything for those she loved…

Annie Blake put her life on hold to care for her mother when she was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t consider it a sacrifice as much as a labor of love. But then she learns that her father has done something completely out of character, not to mention criminal, in a misguided attempt to save the life of his wife. Annie realizes she will have to give up more than just a job and an apartment this time. To save him from going to prison, she will have to give up her freedom.

His life was going according to plan – until the day she showed up…

The last thing Ian McCann expected was the bombshell the daughter of an employee dropped in his lap at the start of the three-day weekend. She needed help, and plenty of it. She also needed it immediately, and hoped he would be able to help. He knew that he could, he just wasn’t sure he was prepared to give what it would require to fix everything.


This list is short today but tomorrow could be better.


I was currently reading a book but gave up on it minutes ago. It was okay in a way but not okay enough to hold my interest.

It was long on attraction and short on story. That gets old after a few books and it’s a downhill slide from there. I’ve passed the few books mark many moons ago and the slick slide has been happening more and more often lately.

Partly because I read and move on so quickly – it’s hard to remember what was not liked and I find myself caught, again.

I’ve decided it would be smart to keep a list of disappointments to avoid wasting time in the future. My list is called Short on story – Long on PDA (Public Displays of Affection).  It’s on paper. In a journal next to my keyboard. It won’t be showing up here any time soon if you are hoping to see it. Certain authors just will not be seen as often any more.

I love a good story, one that is worth my reading time and adds value to my life. That’s what I’m looking for and what I hope to find for you.

I have a few lists going on these days, to avoid getting caught with undesirables. I’ll tell you about some of the others another time.

In the meantime…

Happy Reading!

Bargain books May 08, 2020

We have a nice crop of bargain books this time. There is one suggestion from Bookbub, several from 1531 Entertainment, the last two just sort of showed up. Bookbub will be first, Lynette Eason is one of my favorites.

Called to Protect (Blue Justice Book #2) ($0.99)

Called to Protect

Amazon quote:

For the past year, Chloe St. John has been working as a K-9 cop with her German shepherd partner, Hank. After being dumped by her fiancé for another woman, Chloe has decided that Hank is just about the only male she likes. She’s over the whole romance thing and focuses her attention on doing her job. Because a serious case of human trafficking with connections to her missing cousin just landed in her lap.

When US Marshall Blake MacCallum’s daughter goes missing, he’s ordered to kill the judge he’s protecting and tell no one about his daughter’s disappearance or she will die. Blake races against the clock to rescue his daughter while Chloe and Hank are asked to be a part of the task force assembled to bring down the traffickers. Chloe finds herself attracted to the silent, suffering man, but thanks to her previous bad judgment, she wonders if she can trust him. And can Blake trust himself around this firecracker of a woman?


From 1531 Entertaiment

Garden Grown Romance: The Complete Collection (Arcadia Valley Romance)  ($0.99)

Garden Grown Romance

Amazon quote:

Sown in Love: A real estate consultant charged with repurposing two abandoned greenhouses bumps heads — and hearts — with a garden center owner. (Formerly known as Sow in Love as part of the Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley multi-author collection, now out of print.)

Sprouts of Love: An overzealous community garden manager delivers more than the food bank manager can handle. Can love sprout amid the tsunami of vegetables?

Rooted in Love: A divorcé with a set of rambunctious twins falls for the boys’ daycare administrator, but does he deserve another chance at love?

Harvest of Love: She runs a bookstore. Reading isn’t really his thing… but will he lose her if he admits the reason why?


Montana Dawn (McCutcheon Family Series Book 1) ($1.28)

Montana Dawn

Amazon quote:
When Luke McCutcheon finds Faith Brown about to give birth in her rickety wagon, his first instincts are to ride for help. Instead, he stays and delivers a beautiful baby girl. Unable to leave the pretty young widow and her little son and newborn unprotected in the Montana wilderness, he brings them along on his family’s cattle drive, to the absolute delight of the other friendly cowboys. 

Luke,third son of Montana’s wealthy McCutcheon family, is different from his brothers. As the offspring of a Cheyenne warrior, he carries a chip on his shoulder for all to see. His flashing eyes and handsome face make Faith feel she’s stepped into some long-ago tale where men cherish their women–and keep them safe. If only she could trust him! Faith is on the run, and although she’s pampered and protected by Luke and his family, she just can’t risk the consequences of sharing the details of her past–one that’s hunting to take her back to the nightmare she’s just escaped. Happy-ever-afters are for fairy-tales,she reminds herself sternly as her heart feels the warm pull of his. Still, she can’t help but dream of a loving family, a home to call her own, a beautiful and bright…Montana Dawn


Two more found browsing. They look like fun.

The Art of Eavesdropping (The Sidekick’s Survival Guide Book 1) ($1.39)

The Art of Eavesdropping

Amazon quote:

Missionary kid Elliot Ransom is restless after moving from her beloved Amazon home to a wealthy DC suburb. Though Storm River, Virginia, is beautiful, it’s also a playground for haughty politicians and wealthy playboys. She’s never felt so out of place.

Becoming an assistant to a hotshot private investigator changes everything . . .

Expecting to help with filing and background checks, Elliot is shocked when she’s catapulted into the frontlines of a murder investigation instead. While trying to prove their client innocent, she’s forced from the administrative role she usually plays. The change is surprisingly invigorating.

Learning the art of investigating shouldn’t be so dangerous . . . but this case just might be as dicey as the new town Elliot is living in. Could a little harmless eavesdropping lead to a big disaster?


Book 2 will be out soon and is a bargain on pre-order.

The Perks of Meddling (The Sidekick’s Survival Guide Book 2)   ($1.43)

The Perks of Meddling

Amazon quote:

She’s determined to work this case—with or without permission . . .

Investigator-wannabe Elliot Ransom doesn’t have much clout with the PI firm that recently hired her. When she meets a woman whose “riffraff” sister is missing, Elliot can’t resist the undeniable urge to help—despite her boss’s stern warning to stay away.

As Elliot digs deeper, the underbelly of wealthy Storm River bubbles to the surface—along with more dangerous enemies. Following the advice found in her father’s old journal, Elliot tracks the killer—like a jungle cat tracking its prey.

But the more she uncovers, the more of a target she becomes. Could a little harmless meddling lead to such a vast amount of trouble?


This will be a fun weekend, reading wise, I’m pretty sure.

Happy Reading!

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I’m currently reading …

Broken Butterfly

Broken Butterfly: A Paradise Novel Book 2 

Still a bargain $0.99

Free and bargain books May 7, 2020

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us today. It’s already on my read-and-enjoyed list.

A Soldier’s Promise: (Crystal Lake Series Book 2)

A Soldier's Promise

Amazon quote:

Reeling from a broken engagement that resulted in a small town scandal, ER nurse Julie Crain just wants to be left alone over the Fourth of July Holiday weekend. But when single dad, Derek Ryerson and his young daughter need a place to stay to recuperate from a car accident, Julie can’t ignore their plight. She knows she needs to protect her heart, but little Lexi needs love and support.

Derek is the strong silent type, insisting on helping despite being injured. He seems too good to be true, and maybe he is. Because she soon realizes the former soldier has a secret that could tear them apart forever.


Browsing unearthed another read-and-enjoyed bargain from a year ago.

For Love of Liberty (Silver Lining Ranch Series Book 1)  ($1.31)

For Love of Liberty

Amazon quote:

A Match Made in Heaven?
Or Someplace a Whole Lot Warmer?

She’s stubborn, educated, and looking
to give women the vote.
He’s bullheaded, successful, and looking
to give her a piece of his mind.
But when things heat up, they just may give each other
a piece of their hearts.


I’ve mentioned this FREE book several times and can’t help but mention it again. I think it’s the message of hope that keeps drawing me back. Or, maybe it’s because I would like to believe in a love like that.

A Woman of Fortune (Texas Gold Collection Book 1)

A Woman of Fortune

Amazon quote:

You never know what you’re really made of until you lose everything.

Texas socialite Claire Massey is living the dream—designer clothes, luxury cars, stunning homes. But everything comes crashing down when her charming cattle broker husband is arrested for fraud. Suddenly she finds herself facing attorneys, a media frenzy, and a trail of broken hearts. Betrayed and humiliated, Claire must maneuver incredible odds to save her family—and discover a life worth living.
Author Kellie Coates Gilbert delivers a story both poignant and emotionally gripping that celebrates the kind of fortune that lasts.


Can you believe it, I’ve downloaded fifteen books from Liz Isaacson. This bargain will make sixteen.

Falling for Her Boss: (Horseshoe Home Ranch Romance Book 1) ($.31)

Falling for her boss

Amazon quote:

The ranch foreman, the fiery new designer he hires, and an old flame that could burn them both…

Jace Lovell only has one thing left after his fiancée abandons him at the altar: his job at Horseshoe Home Ranch. He throws himself into becoming the best foreman the ranch has ever had—and that includes hiring an interior designer to make the ranch owner’s wife happy.

Belle Edmunds is back in Gold Valley after she lost her job at a prestigious design firm in California. She’s working for a conglomerate, but she’s desperate to build a portfolio that she can use to start her own firm in Montana. She applies for the job at Horseshoe Home, and though Jace and Belle grew up together, they’ve never seen eye to eye on much more than the sky is blue.


I think this new list makes a good start to our reading day.

Happy Reading y’all!

My first attempt at fiction.

I think I’m changing my mind.

I read fiction almost exclusively and still — I have a strong conviction there is not one  single story inside me.

It seems I could be wrong. Maybe it would even happen again. It’s only a micro story.

It all starts when I feel inspired to suggest a story prompt to a few friends. One friend is quick to offer several attempts but he isn’t quite catching the vision I have in mind. I want a few paragraphs (at least) showing heart stopping emotion. It could be fear, but it could easily be another emotion. The prompt is …. rounding the corner his/her heart stopped.

Now, I’m feeling the need to put my vision on paper somehow, as an example.

I’ve had a few months to let this idea percolate and since I’ve promised our writers group something for critique this week…

Maybe pressure is not a bad thing.

I’m pretty happy with just coming up with a fiction story never mind whether it’s any good or not. Actually, I think it’s not too bad for a newbie. They say you begin to sound like those you hang out with. They also say if you want to write, read. I seem to have the reading part well in hand. It has helped abundantly.

So… here’s my little story.


Kicking at the occasional pebble or clump of grass as he left school behind, Benny was in no hurry to get home. It was Friday. He had the whole weekend ahead of him. Freedom. No worries about homework or stern teachers. School was okay but there were lots of other things he liked better. Time with his friends, and baseball – that was fun. His team has a game tomorrow and some batting practice tonight would be good if he wants to be ready to do his part. They need to win if they expect to stay in the tournament.

He wasn’t paying much attention to life around him as he concentrated on his weekend baseball plans. The fire truck rushing by several streets over barely even registered. It wasn’t until he rounded the corner and recognized the house on fire that his heart stopped. GRAMMA!

It was his grandmother’s house. He broke into a run. He had to get to her. She would have trouble getting out of the house by herself, he had to help her.

He was almost there when a strong arm wrapped around his waist and hauled him off his feet. NOOOO. He kept screaming as he twisted and kicked, desperate to get loose. The next thing he knew he was behind a fire truck with tears streaming down his face. Gramma!

He hadn’t noticed all the fire trucks, ambulance, police cars, or people running everywhere. His ears didn’t pick up on the big burly fireman trying to talk to him. They kept moving toward an ambulance where he could see someone with an oxygen mask sitting on the stretcher. Gramma!

He was so scared the very sight of her couldn’t stop his tears. Did this mean she was okay? He had to know. The minute his feet touched the ground he raced past everyone and was beside her before anyone could object. She looked like she was ok. She was sitting up and hugged him tight but the man looking after her said they were taking her to the hospital to be checked out. The smoke, there’d been too much smoke before the fireman was able to carry her out.

This brought a new worry. Gramma was going to the hospital and they said he couldn’t go with her. What was going to happen to him? The house was burnt but he couldn’t stay there alone anyway. Soon he decided someone else must have thought about this too. Mrs. Carter, Grandma’s next-door neighbor, came over to say he could stay with her tonight. They’d have to see but they might even be able to pop up to the hospital for a quick visit before bed.  Supper would be macaroni and cheese with wieners. Oh… his favorite, how did she know?

As he slowly drifted off to sleep a new worry crept into his thoughts. If the house is too damaged to live in what will happen? Where would Grandma stay and how would her house get fixed? Could it be fixed?

The next morning after a yummy breakfast Benny and Mrs. Carter headed to the hospital, Grandma was coming home today. He could hardly wait to see her and make sure she was alright.

Just outside her door he spied them. MOM! DAD! How did they make it home so quickly from their week away? Someone must have called them.

Whew. Now he could relax. Mom and Dad were here and they would know what to do. Should he tell them how scared he was?


Writing this was fun, I hope inspiration hits me again one day. Today is a slow day for books and slow makes it a good day to post this. My goal with this story was to make you feel something. Did it work?

Happy Reading!


Bargain books May 05, 2020

One thing leads to another. That’s how this list of suggestions fell into place and it all started with a suggestion from BookBub. We have three authors I’ve not read yet. Although I think I’ve met Vannetta Chapman in a collection somewhere.

Broken Butterfly: A Paradise Novel Book 2 ($1.39)

Broken Butterfly

Amazon quote:

Mallory Scott trusts no one. At twenty-two, she’s in a battle for her life. Living in a women’s shelter after finally escaping an abusive relationship, the only thing Mallory is focused on is staying safe. But when he finds her again, Mallory must flee the shelter in the middle of the night and rely on the kindness of a stranger to help her create a new life for herself in Paradise, Pennsylvania, far away from everything she knows.

Eric Matthews has what every man wants: a successful job and beautiful new girlfriend. Unfortunately, it seems he is living for everyone else but himself. But when chance leads a mysterious woman to appear in his life, his world is suddenly thrown off its axis. Mallory wants nothing to do with him, and he is determined to find out why. Attracted to the one man she thinks she can never have, Mallory battles with her heart’s deepest desires. Her barriers slowly break down until jealousy flares–revealing her haunted past. As destiny remains just within reach, only time will tell if a shocking scheme will separate Mallory and Eric forever.


Protected (Jacobs Family Series Book 2)  ($1.37)


Amazon quote:

Erin Jacobs doesn’t hesitate to jump into rescue mode when she receives a desperate call in the middle of the night. As owner of the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter, it’s her job to rehabilitate and find new homes for animals. But from the moment she answers the phone, she knows that this case is different.

A woman’s frantic plea.
Directions to a deserted hunter’s cabin.
The demand that she come alone.
All culminate into the moment when she is standing on a dilapidated porch in the middle of the woods and looking down into a washtub at an infant child.

Social worker Travis Williams is assigned to her case. Travis sees more in Erin than someone who rescues strays. She’s unconventional, strong-willed, and caring. It could be that she would make the perfect parent for Josh.


Some Enchanted Evening: (Men of KWESTT Book 1) ($.31)

Some Enchanted Evening

Amazon quote:

Kellan Campbell, principal singer with chart-topping musical group KWESTT, longs for roots and a family to call his own, but he’ll settle for a vacation from the fast-paced, demanding life of touring. Shedding his well-known stage persona to avoid recognition, he heads for a backwoods Missouri campground to rest and recuperate in the great outdoors. But his attempts at avoiding people are stymied by the campground’s energetic, quick-witted manager. He’d be annoyed if he wasn’t starting to look forward to her company and crazy sense of humor.

JoyAnne loves her job as manager of the flourishing family campground. After being tossed upside down and shattered, her life is finally feeling safe, predictable, and secure. And she’s determined to stay right where she’s at, doing what she does best—ensuring guests enjoy their camping experience.


Well, I hope someone will join me and be excited about this selection of previously unseen reading material. I’m looking forward to finding out what this sampling of new authors is all about too. Ok, so they are books… I’ll admit, that’s enough for me right there. I just hope they are over-the-top good.

Happy Reading y’all!

I think these southern characters are getting to me. I keep wanting to say y’all.

Have a good day tomorrow.

Free and bargain books May 04, 2020

1531 Entertainment suggested both this three book bargain collection and a stand-alone FREE book. Two new items we’ve not seen before.

Miracle Cove: The Collection  ($1.31 CDN)

Mischief in Miracle cove collection

Amazon quote:

If you like sweet small-town Southern romance, then you’ll love these faith-filled stories set in the beautiful Smoky Mountain foothills of East Tennessee.


This author has more bargain collections if you are interested.

Honey Suckle Cove collectionDiamond Knot Dreams

Sweet Summer Love

All three of these collections contain short stories so it will be a quick read.


Beneath the Blackberry Moon: the Red Feather: Book 1 (Creek Country Saga) (FREE)

Beneath the Blackberry Moon

Amazon quote:

On a moonless night in 1813, Adela McGirth encounters a set of wolves and the steely eyed warrior who slays them, searing himself on her heart. When he returns, it’s with a brand of a different sort–the flaming arrow that destroys her life.

In the copper-haired captive, Totka Lawe finds the other half of his spirit. He vows he would die ten deaths to protect her, and he would kill any who tried to steal her away. With bluecoat soldiers pursuing him, a jealous cousin pursuing her, and the woman herself pursuing home, that vow stands a serious chance of being called into action.


LPC Books has a FREE suggestion for us. One we’ve seen before.

The Spindle Chair (The Barn Church Series Book 1)

The Spindle Chair

Amazon quote:

Laurie Crane is happily married, yet she aches to have a child. During her husband’s moments of quiet sadness she senses a void she believes only a child can fill. Pierce wants a child, too and has spent years praying alongside his wife. But he has no idea that a “yes” from God will unearth long-buried memories and bring their marriage to the brink of catastrophe. What happens when “happily-ever-after” becomes more than you can bear?


Happy Reading!

Books started but not finished May 03, 2020 Edition

It’s time again to clear out the collection of started-but-not-read. Books I tried to like but just couldn’t get into for some reason. This isn’t a commentary on whether they are good or bad. I would have had to read farther along for the ability to make that kind of declaration. I’ll admit there were a few I did decide I didn’t like, but for the most part it was just lack of interest.

So, in no particular order here goes.

The Zenia WoodCitizens of Logan Pond

Secrets and Lies TBRRemnants

Ride onTested by Fire

The Victory ClubThe deepest waters

The Gilded LilyTerminus

A letter from AmericaThe half Hanged Man


The first bunch were only taste tested. This next bunch all made it past 20%, some much higher than that before abandonment.

A Secret HopeFront Window

Death in the BeginningThe Evangelist

ElysiaYou Saw too much

Explosive ForceRelentless Love

The Seeking SeriesSacred Bond Guardians bks 1 to 3

I’ve read complete books in these two collections, just not all three of each.

Some of the books mentioned today have been on my device since 2018, it’s good to have things cleaned up and the number of pages reduced somewhat. I’d like to get it back  to under twenty pages but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon. 🙂

Happy Reading! May you find many books to like.

Bargain books May 3, 2020

We start off today with Historical fiction. I was reading somewhere recently that historical is popular these days. Is that true? I guess it is if what I see in the Amazon suggestion strip is any indication. I am surprised, but at the same time I think it’s awesome. Not because I’m a fan, I just think it gives us a different perspective on our life knowing and appreciating what life was like for our ancestors.

There will be a mix today, both Historical and Contemporary. Authors I’ve read before but can’t necessarily remember if I like them.


A Question of Faith Lynn Landes ($1.29)

A Question of Faith

Amazon quote:

     Abbilene loses her husband and her dreams in the fire that destroys the flour mill. The town is crying out for answers, and the Mayor promises justice. During the reading of her husband’s will, Abbilene’s faith is tested when she discovers the true depths of his betrayal. She will inherit the mill and the money to rebuild as long as she adopts his son, left in an orphanage in San Francisco. The son no one knew existed. How can she love a child her husband fathered with another woman?

     Tucker Manning, childhood friend and Sheriff, is ordered by the Mayor to uncover the truth of the explosion that took eight lives. He doesn’t believe the rumors around town about Abbilene and Sterling, her husband’s cousin. Could the woman he grew up with have planned and plotted to get rid of her husband and inherit the mill? The past has shown him that some women aren’t to be trusted, but Abbie is different. Isn’t she?

     There are those who do not want the mill rebuilt and seek to stop Abbie at all costs. Even if that means harming a child. With Tucker at her side, they must retrieve the child and return home to finalize his adoption.


A Taste of Heaven Lynn Landes  ($1.30)

A Taste of Heaven

Amazon quote:

    Evangelena Thornton works hard at her father’s bakery and selling her custom candy. She dreams of opening her own sweet shop and expanding the family business. With new orders, the demand for Thornton Candies is growing.

    Only one thing stands in her way, the banker, William Curry. When Evangelena rejects his romantic advances, he decides to take control of not only her family business but also her future. His advances grow more aggressive, and with every passing day, her dreams seem unattainable

    Wealthy businessman, Harlan Weber returns to Denver to be near his family. Years of traveling have taken its toll and he’s ready to put some roots down. His first thought is to find local businesses to invest in, and after tasting Thornton Candies he sees a golden opportunity. Now Harlan has to convince the beautiful baker to trust him. 


Her (Not So) Perfect Love Match:   a three book collection ($1.31)

Her (Not) so perfect love match

Amazon quote:

When a control-addicted businessman meets a born risk-taker on his flight home, sparks fly. But it’s easier to earn millions than to make her open her heart again after losing her fiancé. What will it take for her to heal enough to trust in God and take the biggest risk of all-to love again?
When an affluent businessman becomes a single father to a sick nephew, he needs help from a shy small-town paramedic next door. But the beautiful neighbor harbors a painful secret. Will a season of romance bring them together or pull them apart?
Feuding co-chefs have to put their differences aside before Christmas to give their siblings a great reception. A ruined wedding and failed business are not on the menu. But romance just might be…


Her Kind-Hearted Billionaire (Billionaires with Heart Book 1)  ($1.31)

Her Kind Hearted billionaire

Amazon quote:

Since inheriting his grandfather’s fortune and mining business with his two siblings, Nicholas Barrington has tried to make his grandfather proud, but he’s tired of his siblings’ selfishness and arrogance. When he stops by his local church on his way home one night, he hears about an organization in Bangkok that intrigues him, and he decides to take a month off work to volunteer.

Three weeks before her wedding, Phoebe Halliday receives the news no one ever wants to hear… her fiancé, Reed Fisher, has been killed in a car accident. Ten months later, she’s still grieving and plagued by memories, so when her best friend suggests she takes time off work to accompany her on a three-month trip to South-East Asia, Phoebe jumps at it.

But the trip Holly has in mind is more than just a holiday. Her passion for helping others takes them to a mission in Bangkok where young girls and boys caught up in sex-trafficking are rescued and rehabilitated.

When Nick and Phoebe meet, she has no idea who Nick is, and she fights her growing affection for him as she feels she’s being disloyal to Reed’s memory.


Happy Reading!

Free and bargain books May 01, 2020

Author Staci Stallings is the featured artist today. You might think of musicians/singers when I say artist. I could be wrong about the rest of you but that’s the first thing to pop in my head …. music. Except today. When I stop to think about it, the term artist fits writers too. They create pictures and music. Their words crafted into a magical story. Sometimes it is light and fanciful, sometimes dark and somber, or most often – somewhere in between. Life is better with music, no matter the form it takes.

Staci has the heart for a song and a picture.

This first one I recall reading six years ago and, as it turns out, I remember reading the rest too.

Deep in the Heart: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel (FREE)

Deep in the Heart

Amazon quote:

Just out of college and completely alone in the world, Maggie Montgomery has one shot left to save her life from an abyss of poverty and hopelessness. Clinging to the last shred of fuel and hope, she arrives at the mansion of Texas billionaire Conrad Ayer. Although Maggie is clearly not what Mr. Ayer and his wife have in mind for a nanny, they agree to hire her temporarily until they can find someone more appropriate to fill the position. However, Maggie’s whole world is about to be up-ended by two way-over-scheduled children and one incredibly handsome hired hand. As she struggles to fit into a world she was never made to fit in, Maggie wonders if she can ever learn to become a perfect version of herself so she can keep the job, or is she doomed to always be searching for a life she can never quite grasp?

Keith Ayer despises his life. As the son of Texas billionaire Conrad Ayer and the fiance to a Senator from Texas’ daughter, it looks great on the outside, but inside, he is dying. He would vastly prefer to manage and train his father’s racehorses. However, everyone else thinks that is beneath him. He needs to get into industry and build on his father’s success. Suffocating under the constrictions of his life, he meets Maggie who begins to teach him that wealth and power is not everything in this life. But can Keith defy the most powerful men in Texas to follow his heart?


Coming Undone: Contemporary Christian Romance Fiction (FREE)

Coming Undone

Amazon quote:

Ben Warren has life all figured out. At 35, he’s successful in his work and free as a bird everywhere else. He has no desire to be tied down like some of his friends, and he sees no reason to change that. Then the unthinkable happens and causes him to rethink everything about everything.

Kathryn Walker can’t figure out what she’s doing wrong in the dating department. The rest of her life makes sense. She’s compassionate, strong, honest, hard-working and still alone. She wonders if she is doomed to spend forever single. Little does she know that her life is about to take a major turn. In fact, she doesn’t even see it happening until it has. Can she ever get past the fact that Mr. Right didn’t show up in the way she thought he would?


More Than This: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel ($1.31)

More Than This

Amazon quote:

Liz Savoy has no plans to date anyone—least of all the dark handsome mystery man who sometimes inhabits the corner table at the coffee shop where she’s working to get through school. But plans change, sometimes in ways no one expected.

Jake McCoy is the next mega-millionaire author, or at least he would be if he could get the stories in his head down on the ether. With no good place to write, he resorts to dark corners in Wi-Fi hotspots, knowing no one in the world cares about him or his comings and goings one way or the other. However, there is one waitress at The Grind coffee shop with a cute smile and kind eyes who doesn’t seem to think he is as invisible as he likes to think he is. Can reality with her ever hope to match the fantasy world where his imagination has him living?


To Protect & Serve: (The Courage Series, Book 1)  (FREE)

To Serve and Protect

Amazon quote:

To save others’ lives, they will risk their own…

Houston firefighter, Jeff Taylor is a fireman’s fireman. He’s not afraid of anything, and no situation is too dangerous to keep him on the sideline if lives are at stake.

Lisa Matheson runs a semi-successful ad agency that’s on the brink of falling apart. Her employees are incompetent, and her schedule has become exhausting. When she takes on a client with a brilliant idea for a big conference, she thinks that maybe, finally this is her lucky break. However, the fire station wasn’t what she had in mind for finding conference speakers. When she falls for a handsome but shy firefighter, it’s possible that life might just be going her way for a change. The only problem is she can’t control Jeff and the death wish he seems to have…


There are even more to be found, if you search for Staci Stallings. In the meantime… we’ll quit here for today.

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