Becoming Me

If I had to pick a favorite book for 2019, Becoming Me would be high on the list of nominees.

Becoming Me  The Imagination Series – Becoming Me book 1 – Staci Stallings…  Paige has a crush on Nelson, her sister Taylor’s best friend. Taylor and Nelson are both part of the band Rev 4 and they practice in her family’s basement. Which means Paige gets to see a whole lot of Nelson. It’s obvious he doesn’t even know she’s alive. Which is a good thing because she could never let anyone know she cared for him. Her sister is protective of the relationships in her world and would be enraged if she knew  Paige was attracted to him. There is a problem with secrets though… it’s stressful to keep them pushed down and buried. With no one to talk to, her journal notebook is her only outlet. Everyday she pours out her misery in deeply honest and haunting  poetry. She’d die if anyone ever discovered it.

I love Staci Stallings, for her ability to look deep inside a character and recognize what they are thinking or feeling in any given situation. It flows out of her fingers onto the paper in a way that the reader is able to see what she sees.

Many of us feel like we are never truly seen. Maybe seeing is a lost art, or maybe it’s an undiscovered art. It’s unusual to have someone look below the surface enough to notice our struggles in life, or to notice the things we care about. Several of the characters in this story share this experience. Those living closest to them, who should notice… don’t.

Staci not only notices but she weaves the story in such a way that emotions can be named and explanations given. I think, if we were of a mind, there is much about relationships to be learned through her books.

Since reading the first book in the series I’ve discovered there are five more. I’ve downloaded most of them. It will be awhile before I get to them though so I’m going to go ahead and list them here for your reading enjoyment.

The Tase of Tears  The Taste of Tears book 2

Little Drops of Sunshine Little Drops of Sunshine book 3

Broken Heart Strings  Broken Heart Strings book 4

Only Together  Only Together book 5

Hopelessly Devoted to YouHopelessly Devoted to You book 6


Happy Reading!


Lyrics with something to say

Well, Facebook is off to a good start, I think, 4 of my friends have signed up as followers and have given some glowing reviews , so I am encouraged. It’s hard to decide where to spend my time, I have great ideas for both here and there.

In regard to content, I’ve decided to go with what my inner voice is telling me to write/post, which is a little conflicting sometimes because I know not everyone likes the things I do, like Southern Gospel Music for example. I have this inner need to please, that’s where the conflict comes in, it’s impossible to please everyone, and when you try, you please no one, so, without apology, I think I will go with whatever my heart is wanting to say and trust it will be the right thing for the moment.

There have been some songs playing nonstop in my head the last couple of days and I have shared them on Facebook. Like I said, I know not everyone gets excited about Southern Gospel Music, and to be honest it is not my favorite genre of music either, having said that though, I can’t name a favorite, because I like things from every genre… except Rap, I am not a fan of Rap.

The thing I love so much about Southern Gospel is, the lyrics, they are real and deep, touching my heart in ways I cannot put words to. Specifically, I like all things Gaither, Bill and Gloria Gaither have such an upbeat way of expressing deep truths. My kids mock me for my Gaither collection, well over 100 of his videos, videos I have played non stop, for days sometimes, letting the melodies take the lyrics way down deep in my soul and spirit. Donnie McGuire, , a prolific producer/songwriter, says music has a way of changing us when it has a chance to work it’s way inside, he is right. These songs have been with me in the dark valleys, and they have been with me on the mountain tops. These songs have kept me sane, and in a good place.

I’m hoping that some of you will listen to the songs shared, enough times that they settle in your spirit, to make a difference, changing you in positive healthy ways. And I hope listening to well written songs will inspire you to produce your own well written songs, songs that will settle in someone’s spirit to make a difference.

Well, this post didn’t go the way I envisioned at the start, but that’s okay. This actually started out as an update, and an invite to check out Facebook , Janette McCormack-Blogger. I hope you will visit, on an ongoing basis, because I plan to share more well written songs over there every week.

Wishing you all a great day, filled with music.

More books on the next post.