Read and enjoyed September 15, 2021

Three of these authors were new to me. All were enjoyed and I hope to see each of them again soon. The last author, Laura Beers, I’ve read and enjoyed a few times now and look forward to more from her as well.


Currently, I’ve started a new book by an author encountered a couple of years ago.

The Iceberg: Fulton Ridge Series Book Two (picture below)

It’s about a couple of guys who have been friends for years, now they are in a successful and growing business together. Jerrod bought a house with a huge kitchen that would accommodate their catering needs. He’s decided he wants the company name changed to feature him. Curtis is not falling for it. They already have business cards and the van is set to be painted on Monday. It’s a done deal.

Jerrod, never one to give up, is trying to force the issue with a win or lose bet he thinks he can win. They had been next door to meet the neighbor who, though not necessarily unfriendly, was not entirely thrilled to meet two new guys while in her less than flattering gardening clothes. Jerrod declared he was going next door to borrow a cup of sugar they didn’t need and if he came back with it, his prize for winning the bet would be Curtis asking the yet-nameless neighbor out for a date.

It worked, he had his cup of sugar and her name. Now Jerrod insisted Curtis pay up. Feeling this whole thing was unfair to the neighbor he tried to get out of asking her out. Jerrod, ever adamant, insisted he either ask for a date or change the company name from Courtesy Catering to Jerrod Catering.

Jerrod was in for a big surprise… Curtis went next door.

The welcome Curtis received from the neighbor wasn’t cold and unfriendly, so he started with wanting to make up for all the frivolous interruptions they were putting her through. He then mentioned he had two tickets for the symphony on Saturday. Since Jerrod would be unable to attend, would she be interested in the extra ticket.

Jerrod truly didn’t expect to lose. When he found out he lost not once but twice – both the name and the symphony ticket – let’s just say, the taste of a backfired plan is not all that sweet.


I’ve haven’t read far enough yet to have a clue as to why Hannah has earned the title of Iceberg. I’m guessing there are secrets in her past that may account for trust issues.

These guys are so different. It looks like Jerrod mostly flies by the seat of his pants and it’s an ongoing challenge for level headed Curtis to keep them both out of trouble.

The three of them together could be very interesting.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Reading y’all

10 thoughts on “Read and enjoyed September 15, 2021

    • Hi Taneese, I’m sad to say that The Iceberg sounded great at the beginning but it turned into a disappointment, The story had possibility but didn’t deliver. I gave it a three out of five stars. It reminded me of the college prof who demanded we not include “wood, hay, and stubble” filler to make up the word count for his term papers. There was lots of unnecessary filler in this book instead of good character development. 😦
      The other books in the post were good though.


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