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This post is inspired by the brainchild of a popular blogger, Paul, at  https://captain’  Check out his post, Share Your Blog 2019, I could never express this idea the way he can.

I would share his post here for you but he received way too many comments in response to his challenge/request. If you do visit his site, you may end up joining his thousands of followers, which would be a good thing.

Basically, his idea is this – as a blogging community we need a shot in the arm. He claims most of us have been moving along sluggishly, if at all,  in 2018. He’s right, we’ve all seen it. Interest seemed to drop off dramatically and it’s been getting harder to find something interesting to read on a regular basis.

Paul’s idea also appeals to every blogger’s need for better stats; more views and more followers. Today’s challenge is something proactive to increase our numbers.

Apparently there was a time when WordPress promoted community by encouraging the idea Paul is suggesting, and it worked. Now, we need to take the initiative to promote community this way.

Paul invited his followers, and anyone else who happened to stumble upon his blog, to introduce themselves and promote their blogs in the comment section of his.

I’ve gone back several times to see what the response has been like. It has been amazing. Many of us have never commented on his site before but many did this time. You could see that the introductions were getting lots of attention too, and conversations were  sparked when like minded bloggers discovered each other.

Paul always encourages comments and interacts with people when they do, which is entertaining in itself.

Comments have never taken off on my site, probably because of my tendency to hide where it’s safe. Also, I’m an introvert and struggle with stilted small talk. Honest reactions though, I can handle. I’m looking to change it up a bit in 2019 and encourage  conversations. If I manage to inspire you in someway, hopefully there would be a little bit of conversation to be had with some honest feeling in it.

So, here’s today’s challenge: introduce yourself in the comment section. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog. What is it about and how/why did you get started?

I don’t know if Paul’s stats improved any in this exercise but I know mine did (Welcome! to the new followers) by speaking up on his site. I know yours will too, if you comment here.

So don’t be shy, speak up, you never know who you will get to meet and, your stats will get a shot in the arm. What have you got to lose?

I would value the opportunity to learn more about my followers, so I’m personally  looking forward to seeing your comments on here too.

Go for it!

Janette  (I’m coming out of hiding in 2019)

P.S. I’m grateful for those of you following me on this blog, you keep me posting.

3 thoughts on “Share Your Blog 2019

  1. Phosphorescent at
    Janette, you are far more faithful to your blog than I am, but in 2019 I plan to do better.
    For others who don’t know me, my blog is called Phosphorescent at
    I write to share my life story and to encourage others who may be going through dark times to see light during those or because of those times. I am a Christ-follower, so often end up mentioning how God has always been present with me. I can relate to others who are or have been abused as children, struggled in marriage and relationships, found joy in marriage and relationships, battled cancer, battled suicidal depression, battled PTSD, survived parenthood, enjoy grandparenthood, work through grieving and loss, dream about working from home, write to heal, write for fun, work full-time but would rather write, play with writing by trying many genres, read, volunteer (too much?), and/or consider yourself an introvert. I also like frogs and motorcycles, so don’t mind chatting about those, as well. If any of these resonate with you, follow my blog and tell me about yourself. I am continually working on my site, trying different themes and ways to present my writing, clerical services, and selling a book (hopefully one day, books!) Perhaps that is a way I procrastinate from writing? Maybe you can help me stay focused on sharing words.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share, Janette. I will repost your blog on my blog 😀


    • Thanks for introducing yourself Marnie, and thanks for reposting this blog too. You do have a lot of things going on in your life to distract you from posting on your blog. It will be great to see more from you in 2019. I noticed you used the word plan rather than promise. 🙂 I enjoy your blog posts and look forward to you sharing your story with us one day.


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